The Virtual Village Hall

With the enforced, and hopefully very temporary, closure of the Village Hall, Angus Walker and his team have put together a series of initiatives to keep people occupied during the crisis.

The Virtual Village Hall is now a reality!

Angus writes:

As you may know, Rodmell Village Hall is closed for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak. However we are trying to set up some other activities as a sort of virtual village hall.

There are details on the website, but here is a summary:

First, Jo Mortimer is setting up a lending library for people who are self-isolating. We have already had 200 items donated (mostly books and DVDs), all of which have been catalogued and disinfected. Have a look at for details. You can take out an item by emailing Jo at, and a volunteer will deliver it to you. The latest version of our catalogue will shortly be available here as a word document, but more items may come in.

Second, I am trying to set up a facility whereby people with webcams can join in online ‘events’ to reduce isolation, using Google Meet. There are details of this on but it is an early stage and if anyone has ideas of different ‘events’ I could set up, please let me know. At the moment I have only created ‘General Rodmell Chat’ and ‘Virtual Pub’, but might people want to ‘meet’ and discuss gardening, say? Or form a virtual choir? Virtual church services? There are many possibilities.

Anyway, do get in touch if you have any further ideas or want to get involved. These are difficult times and we need to work together.

All the best,

Angus Walker

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