The School Buildings

Update on the old School building
March 2020

The bid from the Rodmell & Ouse Valley Collective has been withdrawn


Georgina Hickey reports

Two weeks after we had been told our bid wasn’t successful we were called by the Diocese to further discuss the financial situation with regard to our offer. Since then we have been in a slow process of negotiation, looking at business viability with a team from the organisation offering us financial assistance.

Following a more in depth report on the school building, and discussions with the loaning charity, we have withdrawn our offer of £300,000 to the Diocese. It was decided that we cannot responsibly take on this debt knowing we have repairs and alterations to do, and the Charity felt they couldn’t support this loan for the same reasons. We are pursuing other options and hoping to continue negotiations with the Diocese as soon as possible. We don’t know when this will happen as the person in charge of the disposal of this asset has just left their job and we have no idea if, when, or by whom the position might be filled but we will keep you posted.

Thank you


Georgina Hickey


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