The School Buildings

The Future of Rodmell School’s Buildings

With the village’s right of way to the playground now assured, attention is turning to the future of the school buildings and how to raise money to purchase them.

A finance meeting to discuss the upcoming share scheme for the purchase of the Rodmell School building, with guest speakers, was held in the Village Hall on Friday 26th July

Please see attached Prospectus.

The organisers have since issued the following statement:

Do you want to invest in saving the old Rodmell school building?

You are no doubt aware that the old Rodmell school building is now up for sale. Expressions of interest for purchase will be invited once the current moratorium on sale expires on the 14th August. We as a community, via the small campaigning group, the Rodmell and Ouse Valley Collective, now have the opportunity to make our expression of interest if we can demonstrate that we have the ability to raise the purchase price.

We hope to do this by attracting as many community investors as possible. We have access to expert advice as to how this model will work and hope to use match funding sources to increase our finance capability. We are looking to raise 350k, based on an initial valuation of 225k and an additional sum to refit the building. These figures are illustrative but based on the best information we have. Investors would own a share of the enterprise and may in the future get up to 3% annual return on their investment.

This is entirely achievable if we move fast. We have already had pledges to the value of £13,000, and we are looking for more pledges now. No money is required at this point, only a pledge for whatever you can afford.

You can pick up a pledge form in the Rodmell Village Hall or on the noticeboard, or visit our new website at

Here you can also find out more about the plans to turn the building into a new, vibrant community hub.

If you want to help the fundraising effort or make another contribution, please email



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