The School Buildings

The deadline for offers on the old Rodmell school buildings was October 8th, and we have now heard that an offer has been accepted. Although we still await details, it appears to be from a single private purchaser. Here’s a message from the Rodmell and Ouse Valley Collective, who were fighting hard to win the bidding:

You may well have heard by now – the grapevine is pretty efficient – that sadly we were not successful in our bid for the school. I got a call from the agent on Tuesday afternoon. He was very complimentary of the efforts of the community of Rodmell and the content of our bid. They appreciated how comprehensive it was and could see clearly the intent, but in his words, ‘it came down to money in the end’. I’m not sure we were under any illusions that it wouldn’t be, but it is a disappointing attitude nevertheless.

We have, as a group, been digesting the outcome, and there are a few loose ends that we need to tie up as regards our current finances as a community benefit society. And it isn’t all together over. As the agent said, it hasn’t been signed off yet and, without being overly optimistic, you never know, we might get a second chance.

As to the future of the Society, it is too soon to say, I think, but a lot of energy has gone into this and it will hopefully not go to waste.

In the meantime, I would like to thank all of you, who put faith in an idea and showed, not only that you care about the community in which we live, but have a willingness to build on it and invest in its future. How fantastic that we pulled together on this.

We can achieve great things!

From everyone in the group, our very best wishes,


Georgina Hickey


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