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The Rodmell and Ouse Valley Collective ask residents of the Rodmell and the Ouse Valley villages to please pledge to save the former Rodmell School for the community. It’s for you and our children… pledge to buy community shares in the building!

We need to raise £325,000 for now. That’s 325 people pledging £1000 or 650 people pledging £500….. so far 18 wonderful people have pledged £25,000 – keep it going! 

Deadline 9th October…

It’s now or never! We can do this together!

And to remind you of what the school could be…

‘We see the old school as a thriving part of Rodmell and the Ouse Valley community life. A shop and cafe, with residents popping in and out for their daily provisions and for a chat, to catch up with local news or a meet up with friends. Children are running round in the playground, volunteers are taking pride in their work, the younger working population feeling part of their community, getting training and work experience; everyone is connecting. Villages are connecting.

 We see a support network of people looking out for one another, noticing when someone may not have been around for a while, asking if they are ok, delivering provisions to those, particularly the elderly or vulnerable, who are unwell or just can’t get there. There are ramblers and cyclists enjoying a cake and a cup of tea and having a look round the heritage area, at the scrapbooks, finding a book about the South Downs, a map or just soaking up the view.

 There are artists and makers working away in the studio spaces and popping in for the odd coffee or something from the shop, a few people on laptops having a break from their desks at home, others using the work space more regularly and practitioners working with a healthy quota of clients they have built up from the local area – all of these people are contributing to the business financially, buying things from the shop and cafe and keeping it vibrant. We see the church using the hall and facilities for functions and festivals, a free flow of villagers using the spaces, a place of conversation and care, where different generations can interact and exchange ideas, where people feel connected and less isolated; a safe place to feel rooted and secure, a place of pride and cultural identity.’

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Call Georgina Hickey on 07929 436963

 Thank you!

Please see attached Prospectus.

Do you want to invest in saving the old Rodmell school building?

You are no doubt aware that the old Rodmell school building is now up for sale. Expressions of interest for purchase will be invited once the current moratorium on sale expires on the 14th August. We as a community, via the small campaigning group, the Rodmell and Ouse Valley Collective, now have the opportunity to make our expression of interest if we can demonstrate that we have the ability to raise the purchase price.

We hope to do this by attracting as many community investors as possible. We have access to expert advice as to how this model will work and hope to use match funding sources to increase our finance capability. We are looking to raise 350k, based on an initial valuation of 225k and an additional sum to refit the building. These figures are illustrative but based on the best information we have. Investors would own a share of the enterprise and may in the future get up to 3% annual return on their investment.

This is entirely achievable if we move fast. We have already had pledges to the value of £13,000, and we are looking for more pledges now. No money is required at this point, only a pledge for whatever you can afford.

You can pick up a pledge form in the Rodmell Village Hall or on the noticeboard, or visit our new website at

Here you can also find out more about the plans to turn the building into a new, vibrant community hub.

If you want to help the fundraising effort or make another contribution, please email



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