Good Neighbour Scheme

RGNS is a community group of volunteers run by local residents to provide assistance for neighbours needing a little bit of extra help and who might not have family nearby. Originally set up for residents of Rodmell and Northease, the scheme now covers Southease as well.


Many of us already undertake small tasks for our neighbours and RGNS isn’t meant to be a substitute for this.  However, if people are unwell or not able to get about much, then they can sometimes find themselves feeling quite isolated.  Our volunteers have registered an interest in helping in many different ways:

  • giving a lift to an appointment
  • collecting shopping or a prescription
  • walking the dog
  • changing a lightbulb or other small household tasks
  • providing help with form-filling or with the computer
  • or just popping round for a chat and a cup of tea. 

All volunteers are fully insured and DBS (security) checked, and though many of them are multi-talented, they do not undertake jobs best left to qualified professionals.

Help is co-ordinated via a volunteer phone-handler, who matches the request for assistance with an available volunteer.

The helpline number is 07871 102 076

RGNS Committee:

Co-Chairs:                               Caroline Archer and Tim Rabjohns



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