Oil Delivery Syndicates

How do you get the best price for oil?  Shopping around is the obvious answer, but it’s time consuming.  A number of economically priced suppliers and methods are used by Rodmell residents, but a growing group of us now coordinate our heating / aga oil requirements to gain the best bulk buying power.  Ordering collectively saves us all some money by getting special “bulk discount” prices for our oil, and also reduces the number of oil tanker deliveries to the village, thereby helping reduce congestion and environmental impact.

Please note that there is usually a minimum order requirement of 500 litres per household.

A couple of bulk buying syndicates are as follows:


The Oil Club

A nationwide service that organises scheduled buys.  Contact via their website: https://www.oil-club.co.uk/home and search for the Rodmell Heating Oil Club.  You’ll need to join and will then be sent emails with latest price and expected delivery dates.  If you have an Aga / Rayburn you’ll need to ask for a bottle of Exocet additive to be included in the delivery.

Low prices
Good website where you can manage your order
No subscription

Scheduled buys only – ie: they can’t deliver to you in an emergency if you’ve suddenly run out of oil
Little support beyond the website
Fiddly to obtain Excocet additive for Aga and arrange for driver to add it
Not organised locally

How does it work?
Once you have signed up https://www.oil-club.co.uk/register you will receive an email telling you each time an order is being placed, which is usually every 3 or 4 weeks. You then have a couple of days to place your order, which needs to be for at least 500 litres, though the price reduces the more you order. When you have ordered and paid you will be given a date range for your delivery, which usually comes within a couple of weeks. You will receive an invoice after the event, adjusting the payment that you made in case there was any difference in the amount delivered. As long as your tank is accessible and unlocked there is no need for you to be at home when the oil is delivered.  There is an admin charge if you pay by credit card.


Budletts Oil Syndicate

Based in East Sussex, the Budletts Oil Buying Syndicate currently has over 200 members.  All communication is via email (mike@pope.go-plus.net) with the oil price for each week being mailed out every Monday together with contact details for the supplier. Members buy their own oil directly from the supplier at any time they wish.

Can buy oil at any time
Also offers scheduled bulk buys
Run locally by a dedicated administrator
No subscription fee
Simplicity (orders are made direct from the preferred supplier, currently Pace Fuelcare)
Easy to order Excocet additive for Aga and Rayburn owners

Price of “order anytime” oil is not as low as that for the less frequent scheduled buys
No online ordering facility

How does it work?
You’ll need to join: contact Mike Pope  mike@pope.go-plus.net  sending your name, address and phone number and you will be registered with the preferred supplier (currently Pace Fuelcare) as a syndicate member.  You will then receive regular emails with the latest price and expected delivery dates, and the contact details for the preferred supplier.   You buy oil when you need it, subject only to a minimum of 500 litres per delivery.  If you have an Aga / Rayburn, ask for the Exocet additive at the time of placing your order.  Every month or two, Mike Pope at Budletts will also organise a bulk buy of oil at a reduced price – information is emailed to syndicate members.  There is an admin charge added to the price of any oil ordered if you pay Pace Fuelcare by credit card.





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