Botanical Painting Classes

Vicky Mappin, a Rodmell resident, is an established botanical painter and has a strong following throughout the country.

Her style is easily recognised and loved by enthusiasts.

Vicky is a member of the Society of Botanical Artists. Her work covers a wide range from large detailed flower, fruit and vegetable pictures to small unusual compositions. Vicky’s work can be seen on her website – take a moment to look at her work: this is guaranteed to be the prettiest website you’ll see for a long time!

As well as doing commissions, Vicky runs Botanical Painting Classes in Rodmell Village Hall on Thursday & Friday mornings. Her website now also includes a shop where you can buy cards, prints, tea towels, aprons and trays. You can also book into her painting classes and weekend workshops in Rodmell, and see what she is up to generally.

To find out more about Vicky’s Botanical Painting Classes you can contact her by email at or by telephone to 01273 809613

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