We’re embarrassed to announce that the winner of the photo competition at this year’s RHS Summer Show was Council Chairman and webmaster John Gillies. Exhaustive enquiries have confirmed that the prize selection was made by a fully independent body and that no money changed hands – or if it did, it went into the Parish Council slush fund and not Mr Gillies’s pockets. He describes this shot, taken from his house behind Mill Lane, as a desperate attempt to make winter, which he hates, look attractive.

Suspiciously, Mr Gillies also managed to gain some recognition in the plums and apples categories, though rumour has it that the number of entries was not high.








Meanwhile, a solitary villager attempts to entice contestants into a game they know they can’t win, while at the raffle they can’t lose – or at least they can’t avoid getting a copy of John Dartnell’s latest CD.

Either way, competing was a slippery business, but in the end the tea tent probably did the most business

He just thought it was a dogs life.






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