Our Church’s Future

A message from the Church Wardens of St Peter’s Rodmell

Our circumstances are very difficult since dear Marcus has died and Geoff is shielding. Geoff’s immediate response in order to cope with this situation was that there should be one service in the Benefice each Sunday at 10.00 am. He didn’t want to overload us with responsibilities, nor did he want to overwhelm Mary Sitwell who has very kindly stepped into the breach to take many services.

However it has been indicated to us that losing services is a slippery slope and that unless we use the Church, we will lose the Church. The Diocese is looking to close some rural churches. Since we are in the fortunate position of having a unique set of bells restored by very kind donation this would be a double disaster for our local community.

It is possible for a lay person to take a service, other than Communion, should they wish to do so, and Jenny and I as Church Wardens are determined that services in Rodmell should continue at the usual time of 11.00am whenever she and I can take them. Geoff is very happy for us to take services, and it is hoped that next month the service pattern can be fine-tuned to reflect this.

On Sunday 18th October, the only service in the Benefice is Book of Common Prayer Mattins here. Geoff has arranged for this to take place at 10.00am and Mary Sitwell will take the service. On Sunday 25th October the service will be Communion at Southease at 10.00am.

We don’t yet know what the pattern will be for November but, as soon as we can, we will publicise details, which will appear as usual on this website.

Jenny and I would like to thank those who are helping and supporting what we are trying to do. Any further support, ideas and suggestions would be most welcome.

Anne Roberts anneg.roberts@icloud.com

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