Rodmell’s Parish Clerk

Derek Blackhall is our Parish Clerk

The Parish Clerk is the person responsible for looking after the finances of the Parish. Derek is a chartered accountant, and so his experience and qualifications are well-suited to the post. He was a career Civil Servant and retired some years ago from the post of Head of Finance of the Corporate Services Group at the Department for Communities & Local Government in London.  He has been combining his Rodmell post with that of Deputy Parish Clerk at Ditchling, and has recently been appointed to be Parish Clerk at our next-door Parish of Iford.

Derek now lives in Keymer, near Hassocks, which makes him perhaps the first holder of the post of Rodmell Parish Clerk who has not been a resident of the village, but we hope that this will not be a disadvantage, and that it won’t be long before he becomes a familiar face  amongst the parishes of the Lower Ouse valley.

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