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Coronavirus and our community

We are living through a difficult time with events unfolding rapidly and advice changing from day to day. By this weekend sections of the population have been asked by the Government to go through a significant period of self-isolation with the rest of us having to think very carefully about social distancing. It is worrying for us all and it seems a good time to reach out to all in our communities of Rodmell, Northease and Southease and to remind everyone we already have in place an excellent community Good Neighbour Scheme which has been established and running for the past four years and has an ever growing band of volunteers.

Just to go over some old ground the scheme helps with all sorts of tasks but especially:-

  • Lifts, for example to hospitals, doctors surgeries etc
  • Collecting items….for example prescriptions
  • Shopping
  • Computers
  • Small household repairs

Anyone in the community in need of assistance is welcome to give the phone line a call and we will do our utmost to help you. The dedicated phone is handled by a rota of phone volunteers. They will take details of your request and then match that need to an appropriate volunteer. If the phone isn’t attended when you call it will go to voicemail. If you can, try to call between 10am and 4pm, and if necessary leave a clear message stating your name and phone number and they will get back to you very quickly.

It is probable, with the pandemic putting certain constraints upon us all, that we will have to rethink how we tackle some requests, such as help with computers. But even queries such as these can, we find, often be sorted out with a phone consultation with the right volunteer. It may be we will also need to leave bits of shopping for instance on doorsteps rather than come into households but I know everyone will understand and help find a workable solution.

We have received many welcome  requests over the past couple of days to be added to our volunteer database. If you would also like to volunteer please email with your name, email address and mobile phone number. It is really helpful to us if your phone has WhatsApp capabilities as that is how we chiefly communicate with volunteers.

The pub has been offering ready-frozen meals and take-aways, but very sadly has now had to close, and these are no longer available.

The Village Hall committee has taken the sensible decision to suspend the use of the hall for the time being for all social activity. Regrettably the Coffee Club and Book Group will not be able to meet for the time being either.

A village resident is looking into setting up a library of items people might like to borrow to help alleviate boredom…books, DVDs, jigsaws. Plans are in their infancy but if it goes ahead she will put details up on the village web site.

She is also initiating a Rodmell pooch collective get together daily on the cricket pitch at 4pm. People (with or without dogs) can have a chat whilst keeping their distance and the dogs can have a good run around. We know everyone will as ever be very conscientious about clearing up any canine deposits!

Throughout the time that the Good Neighbour Scheme has operated it has been very apparent how active our communities already are at looking out for their neighbours, family and friends. We have heard many anecdotes already of next door neighbours making contact with each other, checking they are OK, seeing what they can do for each and exchanging contact details. It is a really opportune time over the next day or so for us all to adopt this course of action.

All is not lost: at least for now it seems to have stopped raining and evenings are definitely getting lighter!

Best wishes to everyone

Judith Bradbury                                                                John Gillies

Chair, Rodmell Good Neighbour Scheme                      Chair, Rodmell Parish Council    

Our dedicated helpline                        07871 102 076



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