Good Neighbour Scheme

RGNS is a community group of volunteers run by local residents to provide assistance for neighbours who need a little bit of extra help and who might not have family nearby. Originally set up for residents of Rodmell and Northease, the scheme now covers Southease as well.

The GNS helpline number is 07871 102 076


The AGM of the Rodmell Good Neighbour Scheme, which includes Southease, was held on October 12th. Judith Bradbury, the founding Chair, stood down, and a new committee was appointed.

RGNS Committee:
Co-Chairs:                                          Caroline Archer and Tim Rabjohns
Vice-Chair and Treasurer:                  Clare Gillies
Minutes Secretary:                             Debbie Cox
Membership Secretary:                      Carolyn Orchard
Publicity:                                             Caroline Archer
Committee Member:                           Catriona Grant

RGNS AGM Minutes 2021

Chairman’s Review of the Year
Rodmell Good Neighbour Scheme 2020-2021

I am very pleased to be able to welcome everyone to the 2021 RGNS AGM which we have been
able this year to hold with all our members being able to physically meet in person.
Throughout the last 12 months we have continued to have to meet the challenge of varying degrees
of restrictions imposed to tackle the spread of the coronavirus. Thankfully most people have now
been able to avail themselves of the highly successful vaccination programme and with the roll out
of a booster programme this autumn, it is very much hoped that our society can continue to return to
some measure of normality. If further restrictions should have to be reintroduced our Group is well
placed to continue to help.

A demonstration of the reopening of our society was the very welcome return of the Rodmell
Coffee Club which the Committee were very happy to support to ensure that the relaunch party
(where we also belatedly celebrated one of our resident’s 100th birthday) was a great success.
We have continued throughout this year to respond to all requests for help, although we have, not
unsurprisingly, had a quieter year on this front as many of us gradually got ourselves sorted on a
personal front with routine supermarket food deliveries etc.

I am indebted to all the volunteers who have continued to pitch in and respond to requests for help.
I must also warmly thank all members of the committee who continue to provide very welcome
help and support and have agreed to remain on our Committee and fulfil all the necessary roles for
the forthcoming year.

I have been Chair of this group since its inauguration in 2017. I am standing down at this AGM
from the Organising Committee. I am a firm believer that volunteer groups can all too easily
stagnate without the introduction of new blood to bring fresh perspectives, enthusiasm and ideas. I
am indebted to Caroline Archer and Tim Rabjohns for agreeing to take up the mantle in the role of
Joint Chair of the Group for the forthcoming year.

Judith Bradbury
Chair, Rodmell Good Neighbour Scheme


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