Game shooting – your view

Most people will remember the long-running attempts by the Iford Estates to get permission from the Planners for their development of commercial game shooting on the Downs. After many objections from local parishes and individuals, including Rodmell Parish Council, their applications were rejected, and Lewes District Council subsequently issued an enforcement order against them. Iford Estates have shown no signs of giving up, and are now appealing against this order.

Many people in Rodmell might feel that they are not affected by this issue, but others, particularly those living, working, walking or exercising their dogs on the edges of the shooting area, will be concerned about noise, disruption and safety for walkers. Others again may simply have strong views about the morality of pheasant shooting, or just feel that commercial shooting is not what the South Downs National Park was intended for.

The appeal was held by the Planning Inspectorate on Tuesday March 10th at Lewes District Council, Southover Street. The leading objector was Rodmell’s own Breaky Bottom vineyard, who claim that their business has been severely affected in the past and will continue to be in future if Iford Estates’ appeal is allowed. A number of other objectors from villages in the valley were there to add their voices.

If you would like to read the personal statement by Peter Hall of Breaky Bottom, click here

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