Game shooting decision

Most people will remember the long-running attempts by the Iford Estates to get permission from the Planners for their development of commercial game shooting on the Downs. After many objections from local parishes and individuals, including Rodmell Parish Council, their applications were rejected, and Lewes District Council subsequently issued an enforcement order against them.

Many of you commented earlier on the appeal, and several people attended the hearing, at which many objections were expressed, on grounds including the effect on residents’ access, rights of way, conserving and enhancing the landscape and scenic beauty of the National Park, noise, and protection of rare species of wildlife.

The appeal was held by the Planning Inspectorate on Tuesday March 10th at Lewes District Council, Southover Street. The leading objector was Rodmell’s own Breaky Bottom vineyard, who claim that their business has been severely affected in the past and will continue to be in future if Iford Estates’ appeal is allowed. A number of other objectors from villages in the valley were there to add their voices.

We heard this morning that the appeal had been dismissed, which means that shooting will now have to be restricted to no more than 28 days in any calendar year. Whilst many of those who commented on this site would probably have preferred there to be no shooting at all, most will nevertheless see this as a realistic decision and hope that it will be adhered to.



  1. Sable Corrie says

    The balance of our native wild bird population is already out of kilter we certainly do not want 1000s of farm reared birds released into that population . The very idea of shooting any bird is reprehensible. Killing for,so called sport, is merely for financial gain. The area is for the use of the public & shooting “parties”!! put people & other animals in grave danger.

  2. Beverley Wakeford-Brown says

    Killing any animal for sport is abhorrent. It is not done to feed hungry people but to pander to the worst side of human nature.

  3. Sheila Woods says

    Apart from the obviously cruel side of this so called hunting, what about the introduction of thousands of non-native birds into our countryside. Grey squirrels are no longer acceptable to our government why are these birds any different.

  4. Nicola Scott says

    Artificially providing masses of birds to be shot, released solely for slaughter, is simply unethical. This isn’t a means of providing food it is a means to pander to the needs of those who think killing makes them look important.

  5. Anne Reay says

    I live in mid Wales and we have the same problem surrounding us. The farmers allow this to happen. Once released from the breeding farm, the birds have to be fed at feeding stations. We get the plastic bags littering the river outside our back door. We counted 5 bags within the length of our garden, but bags disposed of IN THE RIVER! Environmental Health were informed but nothing done about it. The birds themselves are a traffic nightmare. Squashed pheasants everywhere in the roads. It is a cruel, bloody, horrible pastime…. you can’t call it sport! Apart from which, we have to witness the cruelty they dish out to their dogs too.. This needs a countrywide ban!

  6. Susan Kinnear says

    I dont believe in shooting hunting birds or other wildlife. We need to preserve nature and enjoy it for wildlifes health and our own. A healthy ecosystem is necessary for a healthy society, not violent killing of animals, its barbaric.

  7. Jilly May says

    It’s a disgusting sport, I’m surrounded by them shooting during the season.
    It’s frightened for children and pets. The gamekeepers will kill anything that threatens their birds, including pet cats. It’s totally unnecessary and should be put in the past.

  8. Samantha says

    Killing for sports is just wrong end of.

  9. Helen Rowley says

    imported, intensively reared, ridiculously high numbers of a non native species released into the countryside for people to kill. Then dumped in stink pits, just wasted little lives. It should be stopped!

  10. Liz Angus says

    The killing of any bird for sport is appalling but to breed these poor things in captivity in order that they can be shot is beyond belief !
    It needs to be banned

  11. John Gillies says

    There have been large number of comments expressing opposition to commercial shooting. Thank you. This post is now closed to comments.

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