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Information about services in our four local churches – all are welcome

Further information about all these services and much more can be found in our monthly Parish Magazine – copies are available in all four churches in our Benefice.

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Our Associate Vicar, the Rev. Marcus Brown, writes:

The Church continues to be a quiet and safe haven for villagers and visitors seeking peace in the middle of a hectic life and while this hot weather continues, a cool sanctuary in which to think and pray It would not be such an attraction without the myriad of faithful supporters who clean the building and fill it with the most stunning flower arrangements.  
Together with the rewards there are always problems with looking after an old building. We have had an oil spill, and the lintel to our side door is not as sound as it should be, so we will be looking at fund-raising opportunities in the village to help with the remedial work in putting these issues to rights. We are grateful to Maureen Ford and Jenny Brown for raising over £2,700 for the church through ‘Open Gardens’. We now have to plan for St Peter’s entire heating system to be replaced.
The support we have been offered in getting our bells back to a position where all six of them can be pealed, whereas at the moment only three can be chimed, continues apace. Conservation and structural engineers have surveyed the church tower and one bell hanger has looked at our bells with a view to repairing and rehanging them.
Worship continues in St Peter’s for the first thee Sunday’s of the month and our congregation remains steady but all are welcome whatever their previous experience of worshipping together has been – good, bad, or indifferent!

Worship in September


Sunday 1 September     Trinity 11

8.00am                             Kingston           Holy Communion (BCP)

9.45am                             Kingston           Family Service

9.45am                             Iford                  Music and Meditation (Nigel Hess and Ravel)

11.00am                           Rodmell            Parish Communion

Sunday 8 September              Trinity 12

9.45am                             Kingston          Parish Communion

9.45am                             Iford                Themed Service (Hildegard of Bingen)

11.00am                           Rodmell           Celtic Worship

11.00am                           Southease       Mattins (BCP)

Sunday 15 September              Trinity 13

9.45am                             Kingston           Harvest Festival Family Service
We will be supporting the Landport Lewes Foodbank either with money or
food items for them to pass on to those in dire need.

11.00am                            Rodmell           Mattins (BCP)

6.00pm                              Iford                  Evensong (BCP)

Sunday 22 September              Trinity 14

9.45am                              Kingston           Parish Communion

11.00am                            Southease        Parish Communion

Sunday 29 September              Trinity 15

9.45                                   Iford                  United Parish Communion
Speaker Julie Lupton from MACS
(Malawi Association for Christian Support)


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