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Our Associate Vicar, the Rev. Marcus Brown, writes:

The Church continues to be a quiet and safe haven for villagers and visitors seeking peace in the middle of a hectic life. It would not be such an attraction without the myriad of faithful supporters who clean the building and fill it with the most stunning flower arrangements. As a centre of village worship our numbers are fairly steady and over the Christmas period we were encouraged by the attendance at the Christmas Carol Service, which was nearly double that of last year.

Our Rector Geoff has gone through a period of poor health but he is now on the road to recovery, which is a great blessing.

The Diocese of Chichester is looking at ways of encouraging vocations especially within the lay community (i.e. our congregations), to enable them to express their commitment and leadership in promoting the Christian Faith. As we approach Lent the Diocesan Lent Course ‘Living Christ’ will be focussing on this.

Together with the rewards there are always problems with looking after an old building. We have had an oil spill, and the lintel to our side door is not as sound as it should be, so we will be looking at fund-raising opportunities in the village to help with the remedial work in putting these issues to rights. On the other hand we have been offered substantial support in getting our bells back to a position where all six of them can be pealed, whereas at the moment only three can be chimed.

On the whole we are blessed, and this blessing extends to our whole community, to those of all faiths and none.

Next month’s Worship


Sunday 12 May               Easter 4

9.45am                             Kingston          Parish Communion

9.45am                             Iford                Themed Morning Worship

11.00am                           Rodmell           Celtic Worship with Baptism

11.00am                           Southease       Mattins (BCP)

Sunday 19 May               Easter 5

9.45am                             Kingston           Morning Worship

11.00am                            Rodmell           Mattins (BCP)

6.00pm                             Iford                  Choral Evensong (BCP)

Sunday 26 May               Easter 6

9.45am                             Kingston           Parish Communion

11.00am                           Southease        Family Communion

Thursday 30 May            Ascension Day

10.00am                           Kingston           Holy Communion

Sunday 2 June                Easter 7

8.00am                             Kingston           Holy Communion (BCP)

9.45am                             Kingston           Family Service

9.45am                             Iford                  Music and Meditation

11.00am                           Rodmell            Parish Communion



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