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    The parish of Rodmell and Northease has less than 200 dwellings, which makes it one of the smallest in the country, but it is still subject to all the legal regulations of a statutory body. We have seven elected Councillors, all volunteers, plus a Parish Clerk who is our Responsible Financial Officer and the only person who is paid. As a representative body we don’t have a very strong position: while we are constantly accessible to our parishioners we have a rather limited amount of influence and very little actual power. What we mainly do is to act as a filter and conduit for local needs and opinions, which we try to direct to those who do have the power – though nowadays not always the funds – to respond.

    Many people think of a parish – and by association its Council – as being to something do with the church, but in fact a parish is firstly an administrative region, and the Parish Council – not to be confused with the Parochial Church Council – is this country’s smallest building block of local government.

    With the new General Data Protection Regulations only the latest mountain of red tape threatening to smother even the smallest of public organisations, many people might be questioning whether it is worth the while of volunteers to be involved in something that enjoys so little power and so much regulation as a Parish Council.

    But if a community like ours wants to have at least token voice in choosing its destiny, the Parish Council needs to be a vital part of its life. If it fails to elect at least three Councillors, it risks being at the mercy of a much larger Town, District or County organisation which almost certainly knows and cares less about its needs and aspirations than those who live there. On this website (which is owned and operated by the Parish Council) we try to detail some of the ways that the Council works for the village, to give you access to our recent activities and documents, and to keep you up to date with what you need to know and in some cases can take part in deciding.

  • Rodmell Parish Councillors 2021/22

    John Gillies (Chairman)
    01273 476508
    07775 521883
    (Portfolio: Website, Highways contacts)

    Lesley Prosser (Deputy Chair)
    01273 471614
    07941 791156
    (Portfolio: Finance, Defibrillator)

    Sue Carroll
    01273 474723
    07757 571941
    (Portfolio: Northease, C7 and traffic management, Highways contacts, POLO)

    Claire Dishington
    07766 561945
    (Portfolio: (Noticeboards, Village Hall)

    David Smart
    01273 478151
    (Portfolio: Allotments, Trees, Sports field management; Agriculture)

    Nikki Terry
    07816 480466
    (Portfolio: Planning, the Street)


    Mrs Alison Stevens
    31 Banner Way,
    Stone Cross,
    BN24 5FE
    07501 676569


    Dates for forthcoming Rodmell Parish Council meetings:


    Tuesday 18th January
    Tuesday 15th March
    Tuesday 17th May
    Tuesday 19th July
    Tuesday 20th September
    Tuesday 15th November
    Tuesday 17th January 2023

    The Parish Assembly will be held on Friday 29th April

    An agenda for every meeting is published on this website a few days before each meeting. These, along with the Minutes of previous meetings and other Council records, are stored online and you can access them here.

    Meetings are held in the Village Hall, starting at 8 pm and lasting no more than two hours.

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