Breaky Bottom Vineyard

  • Peter Hall first planted vines at Breaky Bottom in 1974 and has become celebrated among both English and international viticulturists for the quality of his Seyval Blanc grapes and his “Methode Champenoise” sparkling white wines. The vineyard is open by appointment.

    Peter has just announced some fantastic news for the vineyard:

    “Great news – the 2020 WineGB Awards have just been announced and I am delighted to say that Breaky Bottom has won five Gold and two Silver medals – click

    You will probably know that we were hit with a most severe frost around 12th May. I estimate the losses at around 80% so the harvest this autumn will be very small. However, the fruit that escaped the frost are looking very good, benefiting from the amazing summer we are all enjoying, especially in the South East.

    Finally, we have been offering free delivery since Easter.  That closes at the end of August so please order now to benefit:


    To find out about our local awarding-winning vineyard at Breaky Bottom, visit their website:

    Breaky Bottom Vineyard
    East Sussex, BN7 3EX

    Tel: 01273 476427