No Rodmell Glamping Site!

A controversial planning application was recently lodged for a Glamping site of “five timber and canvas safari tents along with a permeable parking/turning area, recycling/waste, cycle storage and Electric Vehicle Charging Point with associated footpaths, landscaping and an underground water treatment plant for drainage treatment”. It was to be situated to the rear of several properties on the Street, the vehicle access being straight onto the C7 just on the Lewes side of the Abergavenny.

A number of villagers came to the Parish Council meeting on 20th July to express their reservations about it. The development would have an obvious effect on the properties closest to it, but as a villager pointed out, there are potentially many reasons to think that it may be harmful to village life and to the stated aims of the South Downs National Park in which we all live, so you don’t have to live next door to object. Various concerns cited were parking, highway access safety and increased traffic, noise, design and appearance of the buildings, nature conservancy and the fact that the site is outside the development boundary and is in a Conservation Area.

The Parish Council also opposed the application, and we are happy to report that it has been turned down for a number of reasons, perhaps the most significant of which was the safety of the access for both glampers and other road-users.

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