A Long and Winding Road

We refer to the C7, of course. Actually it’s quite short, but it’s certainly winding, and it’s badly maintained, busy and dangerous.

Before Christmas ESCC Highways did a so-called surface dressing exercise on some of it, and they were back in June 2020 to do some more, and yet again in August, and as far as we’ve been told this exercise has now been completed. However, the upkeep of the road has never been great, so the best thing we can do as a village is to keep reporting problems so as to make our voice heard at the County Council. Here is the link to the pothole reporting page: it’s quite informative and simple to use, so please do make an effort to report any damage you see: it will help us all.

The link is https://www.eastsussexhighways.com/report-a-problem/roads/pothole-in-road

Meanwhile POLO (the association of Parishes of the Lower Ouse) reports that its C7 Campaign to improve the C7 is at last taking shape.  A suitable transport consultancy has been sourced and has submitted an acceptable proposal and quote for carrying out the work to produce a whole road strategy.  The cost of this study is £25,000.

Six potential funders have been identified, three of which are specifically interested in supporting innovative projects which produce traffic calming schemes while enhancing the roadside environment.

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